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Strategic Plan

What is it about?

Over the past two years, Ambulance Victoria has undergone significant change, following the release of the Ambulance Action Plan and the good work of the Ambulance Performance and Policy Consultative Committee. We are making great progress to deliver these changes and our community and our people are seeing real benefits for this work.

With the recent announcement of the government’s $500M investment in our service, it is now time that we consider where Ambulance Victoria needs to be, to deliver quality, timely care for the Victorian community. We have commenced the process to develop a new Strategic Plan for Ambulance Victoria, which will outline our vision, purpose, strategic outcomes and values for the next five years.

What’s happening and when?

Ambulance Victoria Strategic Plan Timeline 2017

We have now completed the consultation phase of the AV Strategic Plan development process.  The participation of AV staff, partners and the community has enabled us to feel secure that the outputs are representative of a broad view of AV’s future direction and that we will now be able to develop a robust and achievable strategic plan.Once the Strategic Plan is developed it will be forwarded to the AV Board of Directors and the Minister of Health for approval, with a view to its launch in mid-2017.