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CPR and AED Awareness

Ambulance Victoria is committed to improving the community’s awareness of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

The Chain of Survival and 4 Steps for Life Plus are two education programs that focus on building the capacity and willingness of Victorian’s to recognise a medical emergency, call Triple Zero (000), perform CPR and use an AED.

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Chain of Survival

The Chain of Survival is a 45 minute interactive session delivered to community groups. It aims to strengthen Ambulance Victoria and community partnerships and build community capacity and willingness to respond to a medical emergency. Content covered in the program includes; recognising a medical emergency, calling Triple Zero (000) and CPR and defibrillator awareness. There are opportunities for questions and answers and to participate in interactive demonstrations of CPR and the use of defibrillators. Presented by Community Education and Engagement staff, the program is free of charge.

Enquiries: or 1300 794 453

4 Steps for Life Plus

4 Steps for Life Plus is a CPR and defibrillation self-educating awareness program that simplifies the steps needed to help a person in cardiac arrest.

Being a self-education program, this means you don’t need an instructor. You will learn through an engaging DVD which replicates a Triple Zero (000) call for an ambulance and then demonstrates the steps you take to help save a life.

The DVD, along with the Pillowpal practice aids, will guide you through how to recognise a cardiac arrest, call Triple Zero (000), perform CPR and use an AED.

4 Steps for Life Plus is available in two self-educating kits, a Personal Pack to learn CPR at home and a Group Kit to champion CPR to your community.

Personal Pack – Learn CPR at home

Learning CPR at home is easy with a $25.00 4 Steps for Life Plus Personal Pack.

What’s in the 4 Steps for Life Plus Personal Pack?

  • DVD which guides the session
  • 2x Fridge magnets
  • 2x Answers to Common Question Sheet
  • 2 x Pillow Pals – CPR Practice aid
  • Resuscitation Mask Key Ring

Order Now

Download: Personal Pack Brochure
Phone: 1300 550 472

Group Kit – Become a CPR Champion

Ambulance Victoria offers a free 4 Steps for Life Plus Group Kit to community organisations* across Victoria in an effort to improve awareness of CPR and AEDs.

The 4 Steps for Life Plus Group Kit adopts a CPR Champion model, whereby members of community groups run their own sessions.

To become a CPR Champion contact 4 Steps for Life Plus to see if your community group is eligible for a free 4 Steps for Life Plus Group Kit. Once you receive your Group Kit you can then conduct your own CPR and AED awareness sessions with your community.

*4 Steps for Life Plus Group Kit is available for community clubs and groups outside a formal school setting

 Benefits of becoming a CPR Champion:

  • You will help increase awareness of cardiac arrest, CPR and AEDs in your community
  • You will strengthen the chain of survival in Victoria
  • Receive communication from 4 Steps for Life Plus to keep you informed and remind you to refresh your skills.

View the 2016 CPR Champion Newsletter.

What’s in the 4 Steps for Life Plus Group Kit?

  • CPR Champion Guide – Step by step guide to help you run a session
  • 2 x DVD which guides the entire session
  • Fridge magnet for every participant
  • Answers to Common Question Sheet for every participant
  • Pillow Pals – CPR Practice aid one between two participants
  • Promotional Poster.

How to become a CPR Champion

If you would like to learn more about running your own 4 Steps for Life Plus session, simply view the 4 Steps for Life Plus webcast and then contact 4 Steps for Life Plus 1300 550 472 or email to express your interest.